Here We Go: Catholic University Student Loses Points on Theology Test After Describing God Using Male Pronouns

A student at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is claiming a professor took points off a recent theology test after the student described God using male pronouns.

Theological studies Professor Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu was none too pleased with the unnamed student’s decision to use “male-gendered language for God repeatedly,” according to a report from The College Fix.

The student sent an email to Gonzalez-Andrieu: “Your comment that I referred to God as a male, I should not have gotten any points off for that. MULTIPLE times throughout the Bible, God is referred to as a ‘he.’ I feel targeted by your comment, as I was raised in the church with the belief that God is a male.”

“As I indicated to the class community several times, in the footnotes you can have a conversation with other scholars,” the professor responded. “This gives you a way to highlight and support the reasons for your choices regarding multiple questions. Please resubmit your paper and add a footnote stating your reasons as a scholar to opt to preserve male language for God. I am sure you can do this well. That’s all you need to do and I will then review your paper once more.”

To the professor’s credit, a spokesperson for the California College Republicans — of which the student is a part — told The College Fix that Gonzalez-Andrieu updated the student’s grade after the paper was resubmitted with the requested defense in the footnotes.

Nevertheless, Will Donahue, chair of the California College Republicans and president of the Loyola Marymount University College Republicans, said the student “should have never been put in that situation.”

“I am appalled by this blatant heresy coming out of the theology department,” he said. “This was a personal attack on one of my members’ freedom of religion, at a ‘Catholic’ school no less. This type of compelled speech cannot be tolerated by LMU.”

Source: Faithwire