Tragic: New York Subway Fare Dodger Breaks His Neck and Dies While Trying to Jump Turnstile in Queens

A Queens straphanger’s repeated attempts to jump a turnstile ended in death when he flipped over and landed on his back, disturbing video shows.

Police believe Christopher De La Cruz’s neck was broken in the Sunday morning accident, though an autopsy will determine his exact cause of death.

De La Cruz, 28, was on his way to work when he died, police said.

His father, Jose De La Cruz, was crestfallen.

“What can I say?” the father lamented. “He did a mistake.”

His son was the father of a 4-year-old boy.

“He was a nice guy,” the father said. “He was a good father.”

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, Ellen Moynihan, Clayto Guse, and Rocco Parascandola