Bishop T.D. Jakes and His Son-in-Law Pastor Touré Roberts Sell the Potter’s House of Denver and Completely Shutter the Megachurch and Go Completely Virtual Due to Donations Declining Because of the Coronavirus Plague. Daniel Whyte III, Who Predicted This Plague for 11 Years and Has Accurately Predicted the Trajectory of the Plague Inside of the Plague and None of His Words Have Fallen to the Ground Says Sadly Many Churches Are Doing the Same and Many More Will Do Likewise

Pastor Touré Roberts released 'Wholeness: Winning in Life from the Inside Out' on February 6, 2018. | (Photo: Touré Roberts)
Pastor Touré Roberts released ‘Wholeness: Winning in Life from the Inside Out’ on February 6, 2018. | (Photo: Touré Roberts)

Ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and declining donations, the Potter’s House of Denver has decided to sell its $12.2 million, 137,000-square-foot megachurch in Arapahoe County, Colorado and go completely virtual, Pastor Touré Roberts has revealed.

Roberts, who leads the multicultural church along with his wife, Sarah Jakes-Roberts, made the announcement in an interview with The Denver Post published on Monday.

“COVID-19 forced every church in America to rethink how to best serve their parishioners and the broader community,” Roberts told the publication. “Due to the inability to gather and the economic instability of the pandemic, our church, like many other churches in the nation, experienced declining donations.”

Instead of trying to do upkeep on an “old building that needed significant repairs,” which they have occupied for more than a decade, Pastor Roberts explained that selling the property and going fully virtual with their services made the most sense.

“We decided that the best way forward would be to sell the property, continue our online offering that had proven a successful alternative and maintain our hands-on community outreach operations, which includes our food bank that feeds thousands of families per year,” he said.

The shuttering of The Potter’s House of Denver comes as many churches nationwide are being forced to make the difficult choice of abandoning their buildings due to dwindling attendance — sometimes without the prospect of a virtual alternative.

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Source: Christian Post, By Leonardo Blair