Prince Andrew ‘Could Be Asked to Stop Using Duke of York Title’ if He Loses Virginia Roberts Sexual Assault Lawsuit, and Defence Chiefs ‘Want “Toxic” Royal to Quit Military Roles’ – Daniel Whyte III Says Queen Elizabeth Should Gut Andrew Now Before He Loses as She Did to Harry for Doing Far Less Evil and He Reminds the Queen Again That if She Wants to See Her Kingdom and the Commonwealth Stay Intact After She Dies She Needs to Encourage Her Son and His Divorced and Remarried Wife to Abdicate and Let William and Kate Become King and Queen, Because the Truth of the Matter Is if Prince Charles Becomes King, They Will See Many More Bermudas Leave the Commonwealth and the Kingdom Itself Will Be Gutted Because Many of the Countries of the Commonwealth Do Not Respect Charles and Camilla and Because You and the Royal Family Have Caused the Church to Foolishly Endorse Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage and Because of the Apparent Corruption in the Royal Family, Namely Andrew, Who We Have a Problem Referring to as Prince