US Flightmare Gets Even Worse on New Year’s Day Hitting Holiday Travel Season-high of Over 2,400 Flight Cancellations – Blamed on Coronavirus Delta Omicron Plague and Bad Weather

The holiday travel nightmare worsened on New Year’s Day with flight cancellations hitting a peak of more than 2,400 nationwide due to poor weather conditions and the impacts of the Omicron variant of COVD-19.

By Saturday afternoon, approximately 2,495 flights scheduled to enter, leave or fly within the United States were cancelled and about 5,888 were delayed, according to tracking service FlightAware.

That is the highest single-day toll since just before Christmas, when airlines began blaming staffing shortages on increasing coronavirus infections among crews. More than 12,000 domestic flights have been canceled since Dec. 24.

In an effort to combat the travel disruptions, airlines say they are taking steps to reduce cancellations.

United has offered to pay pilots three times or more of their usual wages for picking up open flights through mid-January. Southwest and others have also raised premium pay for some workers.

Despite those efforts, however, many travelers remain trapped and feel frustrated as they try to make it back home.

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Source: Daily Mail