Here We Go: Bride Is Slammed After Revealing She Uninvited Her Transgender Sibling to Her Wedding to Appease Her Parents Who Are Opposed to This Abomination and Who Refuse to Pay for the Nuptials if Her Sibling Attends

A bride-to-be is facing fierce backlash online after revealing she uninvited her transgender sister to her wedding to appease her transphobic parents.

Reddit user u/Ill-Yoghurt-482 shared her story on the ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum, explaining that her conservative parents refuse to pay for her wedding if her sibling is invited.

‘I have a trans sister [who] came out to us around a year ago but had been on hormones for longer and hid it from us until she had moved out into her own place, probably because our parents are very conservative and known to be transphobic,’ she wrote.

‘As a result, there was this huge fight and a ton of people in our family (including our parents) cut her off and don’t talk to her anymore.’

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Source: Daily Mail