If the Lord tarries His coming, and he lives and his health holds up, Daniel Whyte III, who has been preaching the Gospel and the Word every day for the last 107 days straight in the Rescue the Perishing, Care for the Dying evangelistic campaign, along with 593 days of the Standing Between the Living and the Dead Prayer, Devotional, Memorial, and Evangelistic Campaign, both campaigns are an extension of the Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign, which he has been preaching nearly everyday for over 2183 days or over 5 years, will officially commence a new extension and series during the annual Gospel Light Society/Gospel Light House of Prayer Watch Night service starting at 10 pm on Friday, December the 31st, titled GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER AND PREPARE TO MEET YOUR GOD. Lord willing, he will preach that series throughout the month of January 2022. The annual fourth 40-day Gospel Light Society fast, which normally starts on January the 10th, will start on Monday, January the 3rd, 2022, and this year he is encouraging everybody to join him in doing a Daniel Fast for the first 21 days and then a complete fast with only fresh juices and water for 21 days. If the Lord is leading you to join us, please do so. He is starting on the 3rd of January this year instead of the 10th because the situation is so bad in this country and around the world that he feels we do not have the luxury to wait until January the 10th as we have had in years past. He is encouraging everybody to do the Daniel Fast with Dr. Fuhrman’s Anti-Cancer Soup as their main meal on a daily basis throughout the Daniel Fast portion of the fast. Click here for the recipe.