‘She sold her soul to Jeffrey Epstein – and worshipped him like he was Zeus. She knew he was perverted… but it didn’t stop her’: Lover? Sugar Daddy? Partner in evil? Those who know Ghislaine Maxwell best reveal true nature of twisted relationship

Epstein, found dead in his prison cell in 2019 while facing child sex-trafficking charges, was stupendously wealthy and undoubtedly handsome. He was also socially inept, awkward, taciturn and, of course, amoral. Maxwell, by contrast, was gregarious, Oxford-educated and formidably well-connected. Socially supremely confident, by turns charming and eccentric, she was also ruthlessly self-serving. She became first his lover then his constant companion and lady of the house; his confidante and co-conspirator. She offered him the entrée he craved into a world of high-society movers and shakers, of presidents and royalty. How else would the man from working-class Brooklyn ever have met Prince Andrew without her introduction? Epstein, in return, kept Maxwell in the lavish lifestyle of the super-rich, to which her childhood – growing up in a 53-room mansion in Oxfordshire with private yachts and jets at her disposal – had accustomed her. It is difficult to pinpoint when she lost her moral compass – or, indeed, whether she ever possessed one – but the roles she assumed became darker.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail