Judge Dismisses Three ‘Reverse Racism’ Lawsuits Filed by White Male Police Officers Alleging Department Discriminated and Retaliated Against Them

MLive File Photo

A federal judge granted summary judgement in three civil lawsuits filed by white male police officers against the Michigan State Police (MSP), alleging that they were discriminated and retaliated against because of their race and gender.

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan Judge Robert J. Jonker dismissed the cases brought by Plaintiffs Robert Hahn, Michael Caldwell and Michael McCormick in orders filed Monday.

MSP Director Col. Joe Gasper, who was named as a defendant in each lawsuit, said this ruling affirms the stance that the claims were false from the beginning.

“There never was, or will be, employment, promotion, retention, or any other personnel practice decisions made motivated by bias or based on discrimination,” Gasper said. “We are pleased with this conclusion and remain committed to supporting a work environment with equal opportunity for all of our members.”

The lawsuits filed by the men, who all joined the force in 1990, claimed Gasper told troopers at an Oct. 2019 “fall forum” that the department was “way too white and way too male.” At that time, Gasper released a “Diversity ONE” initiative that would diversify all ranks of the MSP.

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SOURCE: MLive, Alyssa Burr