BTC Is a Kind of Freedom from Government-Sponsored Plans to Rule the World

Freedom is a ghost that haunts the contemporary world, and this manifesto to everyone explains the specter of freedom. For paraphrasing “The Declaration Of Sentiments,” many people believe that each of the state’s ruling powers — also known as “the elite” — have formed an unholy alliance to banish a still specter of autonomy and sentient freedoms, which they think haunts the modern society. Before we dive into our guide, please register yourself on the and learn all the latest trends in bitcoin trading.

World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Scientific Academia Network, all central bankers, European Union, City of London Corporation, the United Nations, Kremlin, Chinese Communist Party, presumed “deep state” of the United States of America, Wall Street, mass media, the Islamic Jihadist Emirates across the Middle East and the Islamic Jihadists of North Africa are examples of these “powers.”

All of them have seemed to have declared war on a familiar foe, namely the people who live inside their borders, the so-called “citizens,” via increasingly repressive laws. If you look closely, you will see that all countries are presently at war with one another on the economic front. They are all trying to starve each other out of existence via trade restrictions, which sometimes explodes into violent conflict amongst them.

Thanks to advancements in digital technology, individuals and organizations will soon contact and engage with one another in a completely anonymous way. One party’s actual name or lawful identity is never revealed to the other when two people exchange communications, do business, or negotiate contracts with each other. Network contacts will be traceable due to significant rerouting of encrypted messages and vandal boxes that execute cryptographic protocols, which will provide an almost complete guarantee against any manipulation. Pasts will be essential in business transactions, much more important than even the current credit ratings. Privacy is not the same as secrecy. Privacy is the ability to choose which aspects of one’s identity to disclose to the rest of the world.

If two parties engage in any business contact, each will retain a recollection of their exchange. It is possible to enact legislation prohibiting it, but freedom of expression, maybe even more than privacy, is essential to a free society; we strive to prevent any speech from being restricted. If many parties participate in the same forum, everyone may communicate with all of the others, allowing for the accumulation of information about people and other parties. This kind of collective speech has been made possible by the power of electronic communications, and it is not going away just because we want. The technology to bring about this change — which will undoubtedly be both a social and an economic revolution — has been available in theory for the last ten years.

Naturally, “the state” will attempt to delay or stop the development of this technology, claiming national security concerns, the potential use of the technology by drug traffickers and tax evaders, and worries of social collapse as justifications. Many of these worries will be justified; crypto-anarchy will allow for the free exchange of state secrets and the sale of illegal and stolen items. Assassination and extortion markets will be made feasible by an anonymous electronic call, which will be repulsive to most people. However, this will not prevent the growth of freedom, as” the state” attempts to take away people’s property and possessions. When it comes to injustice, it seems that humans, like other social animals, have a whole circuit inside their neurological system that recognizes it and reacts strongly to it.

And the state is the quintessential “slavery business,” the cunning parasitic caste that has risen to prominence due to its monopoly on violence. Because monopolies on security services prohibit people from being safeguarded from the government, governments especially like having monopolies on security services.

An unintended consequence of money creation is a cycle of boom and bust, which results in enormous poor investment and significant Damato of human endeavors. Because of government involvement in the economy, humanity has prevented addressing issues like communism impeded people in Soviet Russia from fixing their problems. Consequently, eliminating government interference in the economy will result in fast advances in technology and improvements in the overall standard of living.