Pictured on his Arizona ranch: Marine and ex-Oath Keepers leader accused of being ‘FBI plant sent to help incite Capitol riot’ and frame Trump supporters as domestic terrorists

Driving a golf cart around his small and immaculate desert ranch, Ray Epps appears a man in his element.

Cattle graze contentedly as he makes his rounds of the property he’s transformed into a thriving wedding venue business, focusing on the location’s rustic charm.

However, the tranquil scene just outside Phoenix, Arizona, could not be in starker contrast to one in which he is also associated – the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6.

Because not only is Epps, 60, a genial host of rural weddings, he’s also the former president of the largest chapter of far-right anti-government militia group the Oath Keepers and was seen in video urging supporters to ‘go into the Capitol’ on the day of the deadly insurrection.

He was also spotted in footage at the first barrier to fall to rioters as it was breached at 12:50pm.

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Source: Daily Mail