Daniel Whyte III Says Dr. Fauci Don’t Let Them Kick You Out. You Have Done the Best You Could and You Are the Kind of Tough Guy Who Wants to See Things to the End and That’s a Good Quality, However as I Have Told You Before You Need to Go Ahead and Retire Not Because You Have Done a Bad Job but Because You Need to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life Without This Pressure. I Suggest You Handpick Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett Not Because She Is Black but Because She Is the Only One on Your Staff That Would Exude Confidence and Give a Sense of Comfort About the Situation, and Dr. Fauci You Become an Emeritus Figure Working From Home Still Getting Paid While Advising Her and the NIH, for People on Both Sides Are Starting to Call for Your Head and You Don’t Need to Go Through That

President Biden Says There’s ‘No Federal Solution’ to Pandemic; Daniel Whyte III Says Wow, What a Change Mr. President, but You’re Right. There’s No Government Solution to This Problem, the Solution Is in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ That Has Failed This Country Humbling Themselves, Praying, Seeking God’s Face, Turning From Their Wicked Ways, Repenting, and Turning Back to Their First Love and Telling Presidents Like You What to Do and the First Thing You Need to Do Is Overturn the Sanctioning of Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage