‘It was like sailing on a petri dish’: Frustrated passengers aboard four ships who were trapped at sea for Christmas slam liners for ‘not caring’ about them as COVID outbreaks hit crews and guests

At least four cruise ships reported Omicron outbreaks on board last week and were turned away from their ports of call as the CDC announced Monday it was investigating reported COVID cases on nearly 70 luxury liners.

Passengers who were marooned aboard cruise liners on Christmas Day spoke out about a lack of concern from other passengers and a dearth of communication from staff.

‘It was disgusting,’ said Kimberly Kelley, who was a passenger on Carnival Cruise Line’s Freedom, which returned to port in Miami on Sunday after a ‘small number’ of COVID cases were reported.

‘We didn’t touch one pool on that ship because everyone’s in there all over each other – no one’s wearing masks, nobody cared,’ Kelley told CNN. ‘Now I have to worry I’m going to have COVID?’

In hindsight, another passenger on the Freedom liner called cruises the ‘worst kind of travel you can do,’ telling Good Morning America that ‘it’s not safe at all’ and that it was ‘like a petri dish.’

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Source: Daily Mail