WATCH: 7-year-old Girl Cries Tears of Joy When she Unwraps a Seven-week-old Puppy for Christmas

This is the sweet moment a little girl cried as she got the gift of a puppy.

Footage taken in Frisco, Texas, on December 17, shows the girl crying happy tears as she unwraps the present.

Claire Hammer, 7, had been desperate for a puppy for years and was amazed when her wish finally came true.

In the footage, she strokes Nola Rose, the now two-month old puppy, and cries.

Her mother Janee Hammer, asks her ‘is she cute?’ while overwhelmed Claire continues to cry with happiness.

Mrs Hammer says ‘You can pick her up’ and Claire then reaches to hold her.

She then asks if she loves her new pooch and Claire says ‘yes’.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Olivia Devereaux-Evans