Longtime Southern Baptist Leader and Air Force Brigadier General T.C. Pinckney Dies at 91

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (BP) — Retired Brig. Gen. Thomas C. “T.C.” Pinckney, a leader and longtime stalwart in the Southern Baptist Convention conservative resurgence of the 20th Century, died Monday (Dec. 20) at age 91.

As a 1992 member of the SBC Executive Committee from Virginia, Pinckney proposed the successful amendment to the SBC constitution to declare churches condoning homosexuality “not in friendly cooperation” with the SBC. The amendment was adopted after receiving the required approval of messengers at two consecutive annual meetings in 1992 and 1993.

Pinckney championed conservative causes by launching The Baptist Banner newspaper in February 1988 with only 57 initial copies, growing readership through the 1993 founding of the SBC of Virginia (SBCV) which he promoted, and continuing the publication until January, 2015. At its peak, the newspaper’s circulation neared 20,000.

He made the motion at the 1999 SBC Annual Meeting in Atlanta to revise the Baptist Faith and Message and then served on the committee that brought the updated statement of faith to messengers at the 2000 SBC Annual Meeting in Orlando.

Pinckney also served as 2nd vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2002.

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Source: Baptist Press