Two People Lose Their Cool at Meeting for School’s Mascot

What should have been a fun meeting turns out to be anything but that for two of its members.

Video taken by an attendee at the Glastonbury Public Schools special board of education meeting Tuesday night shows a board member arguing with another man nearly nose-to-nose. The board member then pushes the man, who then punches the board member in the face, sending him reeling backward.

The meeting was about reverting the school’s mascot back to the tomahawk. The district last year got rid of its tomahawk logo and replaced it with a “guardians” mascot. Petitioners argued that the public didn’t get enough input because in-person meetings were suspended due to the pandemic, according to WFSB-TV.

Superintendent Alan Bookman in responding to the incident, said, “But it is critical that we listen to each other with respect and follow meeting rules so that everyone can be heard,” he said.