Tens of Thousands of Americans Face Travel Chaos as Nearly 1,000 Flights Are Canceled and Over 500 More Delayed on Christmas Day as Coronavirus Plague Omicron Surge Triggers Staff Shortages

The holiday travel nightmare continues for passengers as nearly 868 flights have been cancelled and 520 are delayed on Christmas day after 600 flights were axed yesterday because of crew shortages due to the COVID Omicron surge.

After a disastrous Christmas Eve that left thousands stranded globally, Christmas day travel appears to be on track to be just as bad if not worse with nearly 2,500 flights cancelled worldwide and thousands more delayed, according to tracking website FlightAware. And more than a third of those cancelations are in the United States.

Short staffing caused by Omicron infections that have hit vaccinated people has led leading airlines like United to cancel 238 flights for Saturday, while Atlanta-based Delta said it has canceled 281 and JetBlue said it had canceled 120. More flight cancellations are expected during the day as airlines scramble to deal with the knock-on effect of the chaos.

On Friday, there were around 2,400 cancellations and almost 11,000 delays globally, with 689 cancellations and 3,630 delays in and out of the U.S, According to Flightaware.

So far on Christmas Day there have been 868 cancellations and 520 delays, which marks a 24 percent increase in cancelations.

The site also reported over 600 cancellations for Sunday.

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Source: Daily Mail