Florida Business Offers 2 Free Houses as Incentive for Workers

Most businesses offer higher pay or bonuses as a way of keeping employees, or even positive, encouraging words. But a central Florida business is offering two free homes brand new and mortgage-free.

Mechanical One, which provides air conditioning and plumbing for new developments, is planning to hold the drawing next December, president and CEO Jason James told the Orlando Sentinel. The company has bought two lots for the three-bedroom, two-bath homes and has set aside a $500,000 budget for the project.

James told the newspaper he thought about other incentives, such as giving away a car or a vacation. But then he decided he wanted his employees to be able to enjoy their own homes.

What does it take to qualify?

To qualify for the drawing, employees must be with the company for a full year and take a financial literacy class, paid for by the company. They also must perform 20 hours of community service at a nonprofit of the employee’s choosing.

The home giveaway is another in a series of steps companies have taken this year to fight against what some call the Great Resignation. Many workers who left jobs during the pandemic have not returned, and a survey by business consultants PwC found that 65% of employees are searching for a new job.