The Coronavirus Plague Blame Game: Husbands, Wives, Friends and Housemates Turn on Each Other for ‘ruining’ Their Festivities as They Are Struck Down With Illness Just Days Before Christmas

Charades, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly are the type of popular games you might expect to play with friends and family at Christmas.

But this year there could be a new addition to the Christmas activities list – the Covid blame game.

With cases on the rise and the Omicron strain spreading rapidly, families and friends have already taken to social media to accuse loved ones of giving them Covid, forcing them into isolation ahead of the festive holidays.

And while some have kept the finger-pointing light-hearted, others have accused friends, house-mates and family members of ‘ruining’ their Christmas.

It comes as Boris Johnson yesterday confirmed there would be no new Covid restrictions brought in ahead of the festive season.

Instead he warned Britons ‘to take extra care to protect yourselves and your families’ during festive gatherings. He also urged people to take a test before visiting friends and relatives.

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Source: Daily Mail