Smart Dog Rescues Iowa Family by Alerting them in the Middle of the Night to Carbon Monoxide Leak in their House


A family pup is being hailed a hero after she alerted them to a carbon monoxide leak in the middle of the night.

On Monday, Brad Harbert if Ankeny, Iowa, told CBS affiliate WHO that his family’s typically “mild-mannered” dog Roxy — a husky/coonhound mix — became unusually active in the middle of the night.

“She doesn’t really bark a lot. She does howl if you ask her to talk,” he told the outlet.

“I could tell something was up with Roxy. She just was jumping off my bed, jumping back up on the bed,” Harbert added. “When I started to come to, I was hearing an alarm, and it wasn’t the smoke alarm.”

Harbert soon discovered it was the home’s carbon monoxide alarm, chirping.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Tristan Balagtas