PODCAST: Whyte House Family Novels Holiday Edition #66: I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas Chapter 9

Welcome to the Whyte House Family Spoken Novels podcast: Holiday Edition episode #66. Today we are reading chapter 9 of the book “I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas” by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte.


Mister Briley was by the fence pulling the weeds out of the flowerbeds in preparation for the autumn season. He was humming and singing alternately.

Dis joy dat I have, da worl’ didn’t give it to me

Dis joy dat I have, da worl’ didn’t give it to me

Dis joy dat I have, da worl’ didn’t give it to me

Da worl’ didn’t give it, da worl’ can’t take it away

No, Siree

Da worl’ didn’t give it, ‘n da worl’ can’t take it away.

His rich baritone voice echoed across the fence.


“Hello, Mister Briley.”

“Well, a mighty big hello to you too, Miss Cassie,” he said looking up. “You kinda snuck up on me,” he chuckled.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,” Cassandra said.

“How’s the little ‘un doing?” Mister Briley asked standing and peering across the fence at Grant Lee. “He sure have gottin bigger. He’s like a little tank.”

“Yes, he eats like a little man.”

Mister Briley cooed with Grant Lee for a few seconds.

“No offens’, Miss Cassie, but he mus’ look like his daddy. I mean, he gots some of your  color and everyt’ing, but his fechures mus be dat of his daddy. He has ‘im some strikin’ fechures.”

Cassandra laughed. “It’s amazing you should notice that at his young age. But, yes, he looks just like his daddy.”

“Mighten I ask who his daddy is?” Mister Briley said.

“Sure, Mister Briley. It’s Grant Barnett. He told me you go to his church–Mt. Salem, where his daddy, Rev. Barnett, is the pastor.”

“An a mighty fine lad he is dat Grant Barnett,” Mister Briley said showing no surprise at the news. “I hears he’s away at football college; gat ‘im a sch’lorship.”

“He sure did, Mister Briley,” Cassandra said with pride.

“I bet you misses ‘im. We misses ‘im too down dere at da church.”

Natalie Nichols watched the exchange between her daughter and Mister Briley. She hated the way they laughed so freely with each other. I have to put a stop to this. I sense nothing but trouble. I can’t allow her to have any contact with their kind.

Natalie raised the window. “Cassandra,” she called out to her daughter, “it’s time to come in. Dinner’s ready.”

“Okay, Mother. In a minute.” Cassandra turned her attention back to Mister Briley. “I’m thinking of coming to Mt. Salem soon. I want Grant Lee to know the other side of his family.”

“Well, dat be mighty nice of you, Miss Cassie, an’ he should know,” Mister Briley said. “You know Rev. Barnett did tell us ’bout his son gettin’ a young girl pregnant. Dese t’ings happens. But we jus love on Grant, an’ we be a prayin’ for you and the little ‘un.”

“Thank you, Mister Briley,” Cassandra said, “and you have a great night.”

Mister Briley returned to his gardening. “May the good Lord have mercy upon us,” he muttered.

Cassandra hurried into the house. Prudence was pulling up into the driveway. They quickly got ready for dinner. Rev. Nichols said the blessing.

“A tasty meal, Nat,” he said to his wife after taking a few forkfuls. “How was your day, Cassandra? When I came home you were outside with Grant Lee.”

“Great, Dad. Grant Lee’s been keeping me busy but I managed to get some studying in.”

“Whenever you get ready, I have a position for you down at the bank.”

“Thanks, Dad. I just hate to have to get a babysitter for Grant Lee at this young age. I don’t want to be a burden to Mother having to leave him with her all the time,” Cassandra said. “But I am thinking of taking you up on the offer, Dad.”

“Your mother told me she was concerned about how much time you were spending talking with the gardener next door.”

“Are you talking about Mister Briley? Dad, I’ve been saying ‘hello’ to Mister Briley ever since we moved here. He’s just a friendly old man who couldn’t hurt a fly if he wanted to.”

“Well, I think you need to stay away from him completely,” Natalie said. “He’s going to be a bad influence on you and on Grant Lee.”

“Mother, maybe you need to spend some time talking with Mister Briley,” Cassandra said.

Before her mother could answer, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Cassandra said handing the baby to Prudence.

She opened the door to see Carolyn Barnett, Grant’s sister, with a medium sized box in her hand.

“Grant sent this for you, Cassandra,” she said with a smile. “He wanted us to give it to you. Are you doing okay?”

“Yes, I sure am,” Cassandra said setting the box just inside the door. She turned to give Carolyn a hug. 

Athaliah Barnett was waiting in the car. She tooted the horn and waved to Cassandra. “Hi, Cassandra. How are you doing?”

“I’m doing fine,” Cassandra said returning the wave. “How’s Grant doing?” Cassandra asked Carolyn.

“He’s doing great. You have not heard from him? He told us he would limit calls to you because he did not want to upset your parents any more and that he’s been corresponding with you by mail,” Carolyn said. Lowering her voice, she added, “In fact, I told him I was more than willing to deliver any messages he may have for you as long as your parents don’t get upset at that.”

“Thank you, Carolyn,” Cassandra said.

“I’m sure he’ll be writing you soon. He’s always been slow when it comes to writing letters,” Carolyn said. “If you need anything, please let us know.”

“I will,” Cassandra said waving goodbye to Athaliah Barnett.

She returned to the dining room just in time to hear her mother saying, “You have to put a stop to it, Benjamin. These old black men know all about segregation and all that and they are just full of bitterness because they feel they never got equal rights. I guarantee you that old man has something sinister in his mind.”

Natalie watched Cassandra place the box on the table.

“Who was that at the door?” she asked. “It took you a mighty long time to get back.”

“It was Carolyn. Grant’s sister.”

“What’s she doing over here? Benjamin, you have to speak to Rev. Barnett again. Soon we’ll have the whole black community coming over here like this is some place for a community gathering,” Natalie said.

Ignoring her mother, Cassandra said, “Grant sent this for them to give to me. She stopped by to drop it off.”

I bet you he did, Natalie thought.

Cassandra opened up the box to find a toy and some clothes for Grant Lee. At the bottom of the box was a small box. I’ll look at this later, she thought.

“Those are beautiful,” Prudence said. “You’ll be looking mighty sharp for church on Sunday,” she said to Grant Lee while glancing up at her aunt who was looking disapprovingly at the gifts.

I do not like this at all. That boy is defying our wishes. We have to put a stop to this, Natalie Nichols thought.


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