Kim Kardashian Supports Clemency Petition for Truck Driver Sentenced to 110 Years in Prison After Brake Failure Caused Fiery Crash That Killed Four People

Kim Kardashian has added her voice to those of 4.6 million others who are calling for clemency for a 26-year-old truck driver whose brake failure caused a fiery crash that killed four people, and who was sentenced to 110 years in prison.

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, 26, was driving a semi-truck on April 25, 2019, along Interstate 70 in Lakewood, Colorado, when he slammed into two dozen vehicles – including four other transporters stuck in rush-hour traffic.

The impact caused a fireball explosion that incinerated cars and trucks, killing four people.

On October 15, a jury found him guilty, and on December 13 he was sentenced to 110 years by Judge A. Bruce Jones – the minimum allowed by Colorado’s sentencing laws.

He was found guilty on 27 criminal charges and his harsh sentence drew criticism among millions of people – including a juror who found him guilty.

On Tuesday, Kardashian – who is studying law and has been very vocal about prison reform, using her platform to help free more than a dozen federal prisoners – posted on Instagram to her 271 million followers that she had heard about the case and ‘took a deep dive in it to figure out what the situation is.’

She continued: ‘He was not drunk or under the influence; his brakes on the tractor-trailer failed.

‘Another shocking and unfair part of this case is that the judge didn’t want to sentence him to such a lengthy sentence.

‘However, because of the mandatory minimums in Colorado, his hands were tied.

‘Mandatory minimums take away judicial discretion and need to end.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Harriet Alexander