Here Comes 666: Microchip Implanted in Your Arm Could Track Your Coronavirus Plague Vaccine Status With Just a Cell Phone Scan

A SWEDISH company is creating a microchip that could be presented as a way to confirm one has the Covid-19 vaccine.

The microchip technology startup called Epicenter is creating a microchip that will be implanted under a person’s skin and will rely on existing “near-field communication” (NFC) to send data regarding one’s vaccination status.

According to a South China Morning Post tweet, the chip is implanted into your arm and can verify your vaccination status when placed next to an NFC.

“Imagine showing your COVID-19 passport with just a flash of your arm,” the video starts while showing a person holding out their arm and scanning it with a mobile phone.

It comes as health experts continue to highlight the success of the vaccine in battling the coronavirus pandemic and its effectiveness against the disease.

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Source: the Sun