Forgotten Missionaries International Partner Works for Reconciliation Between Kenya’s Luo and Kalenjin Tribes

The image shows Pastor Felix. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

In Kenya, the Luo tribe and the Kalenjin tribe have feuded for over a decade. Young men from the Kalenjin tribe have stolen hundreds or even thousands of cows, and the Luo people have retaliated against them. Several people have died.

In rural Kenya, especially among the Kalenjin tribe, a rite of passage for a young man is to bring a cow back to his family. Typically, they work to save up money and buy one.

Political influence

But corrupt leaders have used this rite of passage to convince young men to steal cows from their neighboring tribes, Bruce Allen with FMI says, “It’s even involving local politicians that are very corrupt, paying the youths to perpetrate these thefts. So then they bring the cow back to these corrupt politicians, and the politicians may present them to the families.”

The rustlers sometimes steal $5,000 worth of cows per night. Allen says, “In the Kenyan economy, that’s huge. So there’s a big economic impact. There’s political fallout because of these corrupt authority figures as well.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller