Here We Go and the Devil Is a Lie Still: So-called Conservative Transgender Youtuber Blaire White Says Her Episode of Dr. Phil Was Axed Before Airing – and That It May Have Been Because She Didn’t Give Producers ‘politically Correct Soundbites’ to Use on Topics Like Pronouns and Trans Sports

A conservative transgender YouTube star says her political leanings may have led to her episode of the Dr. Phil show being pulled.

Blaire White revealed this week that she’d filmed an episode of the daytime show centred on her reconciling with family members that had disowned her for being transgender, only to then have it yanked by the network before it aired.

In a lengthy YouTube video, the 28-year-old said that she was told by producers that it was removed for ‘legal reasons’ because she’d discussed members of her family who weren’t present for the taping, but Blaire said the excuse seemed like ‘bulls**t’.

‘I think this is just bulls**t because I’ve watched enough of the Dr. Phil show to know that there are people on that show all the time talking about people who are not on stage with them,’ she explained.

‘I’m thinking, and this is just me speculating, I have no way of knowing this for sure, I think that it’s possible that they filmed with me, and then they kind of looked more into who I was,’ she continued.

‘And maybe because I’m not necessarily daytime friendly they decided that it wasn’t going to be a good thing to air me.’

Blaire then said that her right wing politics may have played a part in the snub.

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Source: Daily Mail