Prophetess Juanita Bynum Goes Slap-off on Women Who Go to Church With No Bra, No Panties, and No Stockings, and Who Dress Immodestly Otherwise

This article was transcribed from a recording of a message delivered on January 30, 2017

Sunday morning service is not the time to show your nipples and titties. That’s not the time to do it. I have to give you plain talk because you do not understand nothing else.

Where is your bra? How can you come to church on a Sunday morning to worship God and you have no bra on? I’m not getting this. I’m not getting this.

Jumpsuits on, no underwear on. So we don’t wear girdles no more. Well, have you heard of spanx? Have you heard of something that keeps you from jiggling like that?

And then you won’t sit down. You’re the person that just won’t sit down because you come to church because you think you’re cute.

I get so sick and tired of going up and down my Facebook line; and I’m going to tell you right now, when I see pictures like that I’m going to delete you as my friend; I’m going to block you.

People of God, every time you look around–and we are believers–there is something on you that’s got to be naked. We are believers. For some reason the women of God in this hour do not want to put on clothes. I do not know why. What is it?

Because we finally have enough money to buy titties. We finally have enough money to go and buy an extra behind and now everything you wear got to be tight; got to be sexy.

So now sex appeal is on an all-time high. Not worship. Not brokenness. Not, Lord, here I am. Not God purge me and cleanse me.

God, where is the Scripture that says women are to dress in modest apparel with shamefacedness. We aren’t shamed anymore.

And there is something wrong with the spirit of the Holy Ghost that you say you have when the Holy Ghost in you never says it’s not too tight. How is it you don’t think it is too tight when it is so tight in the front that you can actually see the print of your vagina? Really, you all come on. Come on. I don’t even know who I am talking to today.

It hurts because we’re the Christians. It hurts. We’re the Christians and we’re looking like whores. We’re up in the pulpit with leather pants on. Some of us ain’t got no business having them on. We went body-con crazy.

This article was transcribed from a recording of a message delivered on January 30, 2017