NASCAR driver Brandon Brown reveals he’s been spooked by anti-Biden ‘Let’s go Brandon’ chant: Says he has ‘zero desire to be involved in politics’

A profane chant mocking Joe Biden broke out at at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway after Brandon Brown received his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race victory

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown has told of his discomfort at inspiring the anti-Joe Biden ‘Let’s go Brandon’ chant and says he fears it could damage his career.

Speaking in a column for the New York Times, Brown explains how initially it was ‘kind of funny’ how the phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon’ was used to cover-up a crowd who were actually chanting ‘F*** Joe Biden’ on national TV.

But as the catchphrase embedded itself into the American psyche and was adopted by conservatives to specifically insult President Joe Biden, he says he became uncomfortable at the association.

Brown says he fears the link to his name and career could cost him sponsorships, and that he does not want to be associated with any particular political figure.

The driver explained: ‘Our whole navigation is, you want to appeal to everybody, because, all in all, everybody is a consumer, I have zero desire to be involved in politics.’

Brown said: ‘This whole Talladega race win was supposed to be a celebration, and then it was supposed to be something that I was able to use to move up, and I really wanted to capitalize on that.

‘But with this meme going viral, it was more of, I had to stay more silent, because everybody wanted it to go on to the political side. I’m about the racing side.’

He continued: ‘I don’t want it to just be the substitute for a cuss-word. I mean, if it’s making it more polite, then, by God, I guess, go ahead.’

Brown told the Times he has insufficient political knowledge to pass any kind of judgement on Joe Biden’s policies since becoming president – although he did say he was annoyed by how spiraling inflation has driven up the cost of fuel.

The driver explained: ‘Inflation as a whole is kind of a big one for us just because I mean, inflation affects everybody.

‘It doesn’t matter where you vote, you know, it’s which way you look or what your beliefs are. Groceries go up. Fuel goes up. And so it’s things that I share frustrations with everybody. So if they’re going to use my name then I guess we have the shared frustrations, right?

The chant came about last month as NASCAR fans screamed ‘F*** Joe Biden!’ in unison as the winner of Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway race gave an interview about his victory.

The profane chant insulting Joe Biden broke out after Brandon Brown received his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race victory.

Shortly after Brown gave his post-race interview, telling a reporter his victory was a ‘dream come true,’ crowds in the stands began to chant loudly: ‘F*** Joe Biden.’

NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast, who was conducting the interview, recognized the chants and claimed fans were shouting ‘Let’s go Brandon!’

Brown says that initially he didn’t hear the chant or even realize his name had become a meme.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail