Missionary Explains What Makes Serving Others Exciting and Adventurous: ‘Serve Christ by Making Him Known’

One man is sharing his story about the miracles he’s encountered while serving in the mission field with the hope of inspiring others to get involved with missionary work.

During an episode of the podcast, Soul of the Wild with Josh Doyle, Danny MacKay talked about a mission trip he took during September in Botswana, Africa.

“We got to go into an area in western Botswana, right on the border Namibia to work amongst the Basarwa people who are kind of like indigenous people. They’ve been marginalized. They’ve had a lot of their land taken from them. Very remote, very difficult to get to and a crazy amount of them have never heard the Gospel before. There’s not a lot of ministries that don’t go to them.”

He continued, “We were just going to show up in these communities and just go love them, share with them, sit down with them, and let them know that we care about them.”

He talked about a number of unexpected things that happened at the beginning of the trip but God remained in control of the situation.

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Source: CBN