Louisiana Prisoner Bobby Sneed Re-arrested and Put in Local Jail Despite Being Granted Parole

Bobby Sneed, the Louisiana prisoner who appeared to have won his freedom this month after suing the state parole board, was technically released from Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola last Friday, Dec. 10, following a state court judge’s order — the second mandating his release in less than a month.

But the release was extremely short-lived. Following his release from Angola, Sneed was immediately rearrested and sent to a nearby jail. His arrest was related to a warrant issued by the parole board and based on an alleged parole violation that occurred last month — while he was still in prison.

“At the precise moment that Mr. Sneed was ‘released’ from Angola this evening, he was ‘rearrested’ by [Angola Warden Tim] Hooper on a warrant issued by the Board of Parole, and has now been taken to the West Feliciana Detention Center,” Sneed’s lawyer, Thomas Frampton, wrote in a federal court filing last Friday, shortly after the transfer took place. “This latest illegal and retaliatory move by the Board of Parole—yet another foul blow in their Javert-like pursuit of Mr. Sneed—is an effort to prolong Mr. Sneed’s unconstitutional detention.”

According to online jail records, as of Thursday afternoon Sneed was still being held at the West Feliciana facility.

Meanwhile, lawsuits in both state and federal court regarding Sneed’s ongoing incarceration continue to play out, and the Louisiana Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a new ruling that the district court was wrong to order Sneed released on parole. Instead, the justices said, the judge should have sent the matter to the parole board to conduct a revocation hearing.

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SOURCE: The Lens NOLA, Nick Chrastil