Judge Accuses United of ‘Disdain for People of Faith’ as Thousands Sue Airline for Threats Against Religious Employees

United Airlines is being sued by thousands of its own employees after its CEO threatened to fire them for pursuing religious exemptions to the company’s vaccine mandate.

The federal government handed out $74 billion to help airlines stay afloat during the pandemic. That means Congress can comb through how they use that money as well as a record number of complaints, and United is now in the crosshairs of some lawmakers.

“Any pilot, or any employee that all of the sudden decides, ‘I’m really religious,’ you’re putting your job on the line,” said Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines. “You better be very careful about that.”

Kirby’s approach has led more than 2,000 United workers to join a class-action lawsuit against their employer. They endured unpaid leave after applying for a religious or medical exemption to the company’s sweeping vaccine mandate.

The group called Airline Employees for Health Freedom (AE4HF) claims the airline violated their statutory rights. United fired at least 200 workers and left another 2,000 unpaid for more than a month.

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Source: CBN