Houston, Texas, Mayor Sylvester Turner ‘Feeling Okay’ as He Continues to Recover From Coronavirus Plague

HOUSTON ā€” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner gave us a COVID-19 update Monday as he continues to recover at home.

The mayor is isolated since being diagnosed late last week, but he spoke with KHOU 11 News anchor Mia Gradney, who asked how he’s feeling.

“I’m feeling okay. I’m better than I was several days ago,” Mayor Turner said. “I never had a fever; no shortness of breath or fatigue. I did have, I do have a cough.”

The mayor said is oxygen levels are good too. He credits the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shot for his relatively mild symptoms.

He thinks he knows where he was exposed to COVID.

“I do recall speaking at a particular event, in close proximity to the mothers who were speaking, and we were standing right next to one another, and we did not have the masks on while we were speaking,” Mayor Turner told Mia. “It spreads very, very quickly. And if you’re given an opening, it will latch on to you.”

Because it’s so contagious, Turner urged all Houstonians to get fully vaccinated, including their boosters as we go into the holiday season.

“Every person is different, OK. And you, you, you may get it and you may be fine. And that’s great. But you also may be the person who get it — just like the person who died from your omicron — and not make it or you may end up in the hospital. Those type of things are in large part, preventable,” he said.

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Source: KHOU