First, people accused former US First Lady Michelle Obama of being a man. Now, France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron says she will sue after absurd rumour that she was born male and is really named Jean-Michel Trogneux trends on French Twitter – Maybe Mrs. Obama should have sued too, but this is the problem caused by the church and the government’s decision to sanction and allow the foolishness of homosexuality and transgenderism

The First Lady (pictured with her husband Emmanuel Macron) intends to initiate proceedings and file a complaint against the instigators of the conspiracy theory

Brigitte Macron is believed to be taking legal action after she was targeted by absurd rumours that she was born male and is named Jean-Michel Trogneux.

The outlandish rumour that the 68-year-old wife of French President Emmanuel Macron was born a man has been circulating on social media in France under the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux.

The First Lady intends to initiate proceedings and file a complaint against the instigators of the conspiracy theory, according to Le Figaro.

The controversial theory was published in an extreme right-wing journal Faits et Documents in September, which claimed a three-year investigation supported by ‘many experts’ made the allegation, CNews reported.

The 12-page monthly journal, which has published a number of bizarre theories about public figures, reportedly accused the First Lady of being born a man called Jean-Michel Trogneux.

Natacha Rey, the journalist who is said to have investigated the claims, gave an interview about the theory to medium Amandine Roy that lasted nearly four hours on YouTube on December 10, according to Numerama. The video reached 470,000 views before it was deleted.

The ludicrous suggestion was then widely circulated on social media this month, with #JeanMichelTrogneux becoming one of the most discussed topics on French Twitter last week.

It was shared by a number of conspiracy and anti-vaxxer Twitter accounts, with more than 34,000 tweets using the hashtag.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail