Data & Trust Alliance Group Fights Artificial Intelligence Bias in the Workforce

Supported by several of the nation’s largest companies, the Data & Trust Alliance Group is battling artificial intelligence bias in the workforce.

The alliance reports that organizations it works with have spotted unfair bias as one of the highest risks in the use of algorithms and AI for workforce-related decisions. That could include hiring workers.

The drive is aimed to block technology from bringing biased results and halt potential discrimination.

Fourteen companies have committed to adopting criteria—or so-called safeguards—to  mitigate data and algorithmic bias in human resources and workforce decisions, including recruiting, pay, and employee development.

Those companies include American Express, CVS Health, Deloitte, Diveplane, General Motors, Humana, IBM, Mastercard, Nike, Meta (Facebook’s parent company), Nike, Nielsen, Under Armour, and Walmart. The alliance disclosed those companies employ over 3.5 million people. Plus, more alliance companies are evaluating the safeguards and are expected to adopt them soon.

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SOURCE: Black Enterprise, Jeffrey McKinney