Charlamagne Brings Out the Curry Goat of Vice President Kamala Harris’ Jamaican Pharoahistic Pride as Her Aide Tries to Cut Bad-tempered Interview With Charlamagne by ‘faking’ Technical Issues When Host Asks ‘Who’s the Real President of This Country’ Before Vice President Snaps and Declares ‘it’s Joe Biden and I’m Vice President and My Name Is Kamala Harris’ – Daniel Whyte III Says the Vice President Is Self-destructing for One Reason: She Has Never Learned to Control and Tamp Down Her Jamaican Pharoahistic Pride and She Needs to Go to Her Father and Apologize for the Things She Has Said and She Needs to Learn How to Do That. Daniel Whyte III Also Says T.D. Jakes or Somebody Who Knows God for Real Needs to Tell Charlemagne to Get “God” Out of His Stage Name Before He Dies an Early and Tragic Death or Something Else Happens to Him. And by the Way No Christian Should Be Referring to Him as Charlemagne tha ______, Period, No Matter Where He Derives That From