Denzel Washington’s Fans Are Moved Mightily to Comfort Him After He Tears Up Talking About His Mother Who Died This Year

Denzel Washington fans have come to support the actor who’s mourning his late mother, Lennis Washington, after an emotional conversation during an interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Lennis died in June at the age of 97, according to People magazine.

During the conversation, Washington became choked up between his words as he reflected on his relationship with his mom.

“A mother is a son’s first true love. A son, especially that first son, is a mother’s last true love,” he told the host, after thanking him for his condolences.

The Equalizer star went on to share how present his mother was in his adult life, saying, “She was there for everything, and she went home.” Washington asked the host for a tissue as the tears began to fall.

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Source: Blavity