Wow: US Senate Confirms Rashad Hussain as First Muslim Religious Freedom Ambassador

Rashad Hussain has become America’s new ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, after the US Senate voted 85–5 last night in favor of his historic nomination as the first Muslim to hold the position.

Previous IRF ambassador Sam Brownback praised the decision and its bipartisan majority. “Religious persecution is rampant around the world, and the international community looks to the United States for leadership that can make a difference,” he stated.

Knox Thames, a senior fellow for the Institute for Global Engagement who served as the US State Department’s special advisor for religious minorities during both the Obama and Trump administrations, also praised the “overwhelmingly bipartisan vote.”

“It’s good for the issue that partisan politics stayed out of international human rights advocacy,” he told CT. “And it’s good for the persecuted that the Senate confirmed American’s top diplomat promoting religious freedom before Christmas.”

The US Commission on International Religous Freedom (USCIRF) thanked Congress for prioritizing the appointment of Brownback’s successor. “The right to freedom of religion or belief is under sustained threat globally,” stated USCIRF chair Nadine Maenza. “With his years of knowledge and experience, Ambassador Hussain is well placed to advance the US government’s promotion of international religious freedom.”

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Source: Christianity Today