Palestinians Are Still Rewarding Terrorists, That’s Why Conservative Christians Are Fighting to Strengthen Taylor Force Act

After American student and veteran Taylor Force was murdered in a terror attack in Israel, his parents began a campaign to end the Palestinian government policy known as “pay to slay”. They won a major victory in 2018 when the Taylor Force Act became law, but Stuart and Robby Force recently discovered their work isn’t finished.

Now, they’re back on Capitol Hill working to pass legislation that goes even further than the Taylor Force Act to close a loophole that’s allowing banks to make payments to terrorists.

“We’ve recently come to the realization that the job is half done and the truth is that the payments have continued and those responsible have not been held accountable,” said Stuart Force. “The family of the Hamas terrorist who murdered Taylor is celebrated as a hero by Hamas, has been receiving martyr payments as a reward for his despicable, despicable act.”

The new legislation targets banks in the Middle East that continue to process martyr payments.

“The Taylor Force Martyr Prevention Act would give the Treasury Department the ability to designate these banks as institutions of primary money laundering concern and forbid them from using foreign correspondence accounts here in the United States,” explained Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

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Source: CBN