Man Finds His Bible in Tornado Rubble, and What He Discovers Inside Has Him Thanking God: ‘The Lord Was Watching Over Me’

Despite losing his home, his wallet, and all of his possessions in last weekend’s devastating tornados, Tommy Jackson still believes the Lord was “watching over” him.

Jackson, 65, told the Associated Press he suddenly had no way of getting money after his bank was destroyed. Plus, he had no form of identification and no credit cards after a deadly twister hit Mayfield, Kentucky, and obliterated everything he owned.

But he discovered something deeply important amid the piles of destruction: his family Bible — and that’s not all.

Tucked inside the Bible was Jackson’s birth certificate, a form of identification that will surely be much-needed as he rebuilds his life in the coming days, weeks, and months.

“The presence of the Lord was watching over me,” he said.

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Source: CBN