Here We Go and the Devil is a Lie: Philadelphia School District Allows Kids to Go ‘Non-binary’ Without Parental Consent

A Philadelphia school district has announced it will allow students to pick their gender identity and name on virtual education platforms without needing parents’ consent.

The School District of Philadelphia adopted a policy Monday that would add “nonbinary” as an option alongside “male” and “female” on Google Classroom and Infinite Campus, which are online learning tools.

According to a district blog post, the identification would also affect how students’ names are printed on report cards and other assessments.

“The School District of Philadelphia is committed to providing safe and inclusive learning environments that support the emotional and mental health of all our students,” wrote District Superintendent William Hite in an online letter.

According to the new rules, students will be allowed to change their gender without a parent or guardian’s permission.

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Source: CBN