FDA Approves Abortion by Mail, Ignoring ‘Inconvenient’ Science in Pursuit of a Political Goal

Should ‘inconvenient’ science and data be discarded in the pursuit of a political goal?

Today the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appeared to do just that by rolling back longstanding patient safeguards on the abortion drug mifepristone. Since the FDA first approved mifepristone, then known as “RU-486,” in 2000, the drug has only been available in person from certified providers who had the medical knowledge to reduce some of the risks associated with the drug.

That started to change back in April when the Biden FDA used the COVID-19 public health emergency as an excuse to temporarily suspend safety regulations requiring that mifepristone be dispensed in person. Now, the FDA has abandoned those critical safeguards and formally opened the door to mail-order abortions.

This will likely result in an increase in chemical abortions, and consequently an increase in the deaths of unborn children. Without these vital safeguards ensuring women receive in-person medical care, it will likely also result in increased risks to the health of the mother, including death.

The FDA’s decision stands in sharp contrast to the thousands of complications reported to the FDA since 2000. Two different studies have reviewed severe adverse events from mifepristone reported to the FDA and found at least 20 deaths and well over 2,000 life-threatening or severe complications, including hospitalizations, ruptured ectopic pregnancies, hemorrhaging, and emergency surgery.

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Source: CBN