Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales’ Computer and NFT Memorializing His First Edit Sells for Nearly $1 Million

A Non-Fungible Token of Jimmy Wales’ first edit on Wikipedia (pictured), saying ‘Hello, World!’ has been sold at auction for $750,000

The computer used by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales when first programming the website and an NFT memorializing his first edit on the page have sold for almost $1million.

The Non-Fungible Token, a unique digital object, was sold by Christie’s for $750,000 while his Strawberry iMac fetched $187,500 at auction on Wednesday.

The NFT is of Wikipedia’s debut onscreen image when Wales posted the first words, ‘Hello world.’

The iMac was the personal computer he ‘used for development and research at the time of the website’s launch on January 15, 2001,’ Christie’s said.

The NFT, presented in JPEG format, is interactive, with the buyer able to edit the page, ‘which can be reset with a timer to revert to its original state,’ according to Christie’s.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jack Newman