Why We Need Instagram Stories and How to Use Them

Photos, videos, boomerangs. Short, fleeting, vivid. This is the content we see most often in stories. And many brands use this method of communication. Why are stories so popular? Stories are a great way to quickly check in on “what happened” with our favorites. It’s where social media users regularly share their thoughts and report on their lives: slightly nonchalantly, without any clarification or idealization. Stories are a springboard from the perfect Instagram life shown in the posts. What’s more, stories are amazing for your business, even if you offer sports betting online or provide access to services that can be hardly visualized. And here’s how you can do this.  

It All Started With Snapchat

Stories are visible to the user for 24 hours from the time they are posted. After that, it disappears or remains visible in Story Highlights. Although Snapchat was the king of stories, the idea has materialized in other social networks as well.

Stories are now a success on Instagram, but it’s worth remembering that Facebook and Messenger also allow you to post content this way. Moreover, the phenomenon of stories means that Twitter (Moments) and even LinkedIn have announced the introduction of this option!

Instagram Stories – How They Work

When posting stories on Instagram, it’s worth keeping in mind the technical aspects that govern this mode of communication. Here are a few of them:

  • Instagram Stories has many built-in features. You’ll find them all at the top of the screen when posting a photo or video. To add a location, gif, hashtag, poll or other sticker, just tap the square with the smiley face or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • You can add filters to your posted photos or videos. To select one, swipe your finger across the screen from the right edge to the left. When recording video or taking photos directly through Instagram, you can also select one of the filters available on the front camera.
  • The duration of a clip is no longer than 15 seconds. If you are going to post a longer video here, it will be split into several fragments. Unfortunately, subtitles and stickers will not stay in one place on all parts of the film, you will have to add them to each of them from scratch.

To diversify your content a bit, you can use apps like Boomerang or Hyperlapse when shooting videos. The former generates popular videos with fast-forward and repeat, and the latter helps you create frame-by-frame videos. The Boomerang option is available directly from Instagram. Built-in options for shooting movies also include, for example, the SuperZoom or “hands-free” option, which allows you to shoot without having to constantly hold down the record button. Have fun!

Why People Love Stories

Many people like to start or end their day with stories on their smartphone. No wonder Instagram users prefer to visit this section rather than scrolling through the news. The elusiveness of this content encourages us to look at the lives of celebrities, influencers, and everyday people more often. We see more here: what they cook, what they eat, what they think about, and how they comment on the reality around them. Even if it is temporary. However, the popularity of this type of format is not only due to a sense of exclusivity or fear of missing out on something. 

Stories – How to Use Them for Business

Stories have also become a communication tool for many companies. Given the popularity of this format, it’s a great channel for engaging potential customers. If brand specifics allow it, it’s worth using stories to communicate the “behind the scenes” life of the company.

Apparel brands tend to use this format to show clothing more naturally than graphic advertising. They also often show how the products they offer look on people of different heights. Companies collaborate with famous faces who try on clothes and accessories in Stories to present their collections.