Masked President Biden Says Omicron Is Here in America, It’s Spreading and It’s Going to Increase and Says Unvaccinated Are Looking at a ‘Winter of Severe Illness and Death’ and Pushes Boosters During Crisis Meeting With Fauci. BCNN1 Has Been Informed Tonight That Even People Who Have Been Vaccinated and Have Booster Shots Will Suffer and Even Die Because of Omicron, Not Just the Unvaccinated

President Joe Biden issued a stark warning about the risks the Omicron variant poses to the unvaccinated in particular, as the nation braces for a steep escalation in cases amid an expected surge in hospitalizations.

‘It’s here, it’s spreading and it’s going to increase,’ Biden cautioned in remarks Wednesday afternoon.

With the highly transmissible new variant spreading at an alarming rate, amid an ongoing surge in the Delta variant, Biden warned of the trauma facing Americans who have not received covid vaccines.

‘For the unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death,’ said Biden.

He also gave yet another hard sell for Americans to get booster shots.

‘Get your booster shot. It’s critically important,’ he said.

‘So the whole point is: Omicron is here, it’s going to start to spread much more rapidly [in the] beginning of the year, and the only real protection is to get your shots.

He said if you get one shot and haven’t gotten one yet, ‘it’ll help.’

The president said if you have ‘everything, including your booster, you’re in really good shape. So move now. Move now,’ he concluded.

Biden wore a black face mask throughout his remarks in the Roosevelt Room in the White House.

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Source: Daily Mail