Lindsey Graham Says Biden’s Build Back Better Bill is ‘Dead Forever’ After Legislation Stalls in Senate

Lindsey Graham / Reuters

Sen. Lindsey Graham said he now thinks that President Biden’s Build Back Better bill is ‘dead forever’ after Democrats announced that they are tabling the legislation until after Christmas.

The South Carolina Republican said that the Congressional Budget Office score, which found the $1.75 trillion bill would add $3 trillion to the deficit, is what led to its demise.

‘I think Build Back Better is dead forever and let me tell you why: Because Joe Manchin has said he’s not going to vote for a bill that will add to the deficit,’ he said on Fox News’ Hannity Wednesday night.

‘Well, if you do away with the budget gimmicks, Build Back Better, according to the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] adds $3 trillion to the deficit.’

‘He doesn’t want to vote for a bill that makes inflation worse – and one thing we haven’t talked about tonight that was mentioned today … the child-care provisions in Build Back Better prohibit religious institutions from receiving money.’

The Congressional Budget Office said on Friday the Build Back Better legislation could increase the federal deficit by $3 trillion over a decade if its programs are made permanent.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is peddling a ‘fake’ CBO score to push Manchin not to vote for the bill.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Morgan Phillips, Emily Goodin, and Nikki Schwab