What is Online Sports Betting and How to Get Started-A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Online Betting for Sports

Online betting has become more of a sport, and people worldwide bet on their favorite team or player for recreation and gain profit. Many zealous sports fans enjoy using their sports knowledge and feel like putting some money on the game will make it more enjoyable.

Although tech advancement has simplified the process, sports betting online is not as simple as it sounds. People cannot randomly pick a player and bet on it. Thus, we have made a comprehensive guide for beginners who have just entered the market of online sports betting.

Types of Online Sports Betting 

Sports betting can be distributed into many categories. Here are five major types of sports betting that can be done online as well:

  1. Fixed Odds Betting
    It is a traditional form of sports betting in which two parties agree on the odds.
  2. Live Betting
    Play or live betting is based on fixed odds. You can put a wager any time during the game or even towards the end. Traditional wagers are available, but odds for these change as the game advances.
  3. Exchange Betting
    Many people use betting exchanges for most of their wagers, where the odds are decided when placing the bet. There is no need for the services of a bookmaker, and all bets are made between the bettors.
  4. Spread betting
    It is a complicated type of betting in which the odds are irrelevant and stakes are not fixed. In spread betting, wagers are settled according to how much someone is right or wrong and is based on high risks/high wins.
  5. E-sports Betting
    The latest type of sports betting is e-sports betting. Electronic sports have become very popular, and global esports tournaments have become very common. Thus, betting on these sports has also become prevalent.

Tips for Beginners

Novices find it hard to swim through the big sharks in the betting market. More often, they lose large sums of money as they are unaware of the intricacies of online gambling. Therefore, here are a few valuable tips that can help them sail their ships in deep waters.

  1. Learn the Rules
    As a beginner, you must know all the betting rules, such as setting odds and the role of the bookmaker in the success of your online bet.
  2. Not All Betting Sites are Safe
    You should find a reliable betting site which has a good reputation and pay their customers on time. Do not just read site reviews but also talk to their customer service agents. Read their terms and policies as it will help you identify loopholes, if there are any.
  3. Do not Rely on Single Betting Account
    You should have multiple accounts and should join more than one site as well. You will have more game choices, and you can choose from the best prices.
  4. Increase Your Knowledge
    Beginners should join online forums so that they can learn practical strategies and suitable betting sites. Regardless of the sport you are betting on, you need to be informed to ensure that you have the highest chances of winning. If you are just starting, college football can be a good starting point as there are hundreds of games a week and you can benefit from sites like Doc’s football picks that will keep you up to date and in the know, increasing your chances of winning.
  5. Bet at The Right Time
    Timing is crucial too. You should always take your time to search for a strategy or rule, as there is no time limit to playing online.

Common mistakes to avoid

Betting is a game of chance where your wins can never be sure. You must strive to avoid making silly mistakes to make sure that your chances of winning are higher. Here, we’ve compiled the list of common mistakes to steer clear of when betting online.

  1. Not shopping around
    Different bookmakers give their players various odds with minor differences that can make a massive impact on a high wager. It is essential to look at the odds that different bookmakers have on the same bets to see where you can get the highest winnings possible. You can even have multiple accounts with various bookmakers.
  2. Bankroll management
    Bankroll management is critical, and you should always bet with money that you can afford to lose. Avoid such mistakes by keeping aside some money on a separate account and only using this money to place bets.
  3. Having Unrealistic Goals
    Do not start your betting journey with unrealistic goals, as it could result in you pressurizing yourself to keep winning, which might increase the amounts you are wagering. Always be realistic with your expectations and make achievable goals.
  4. Betting Blind
    When placing a wager, you should always research the team you are betting on to make the best decision. Even though luck plays a huge rolethe chance of winning increases with proper research. One of the most common mistakes Among novices is to bet only on their favorite player or team.
  5. Not Considering Value
    Value betting is making a bet where the chance of winning the bet is greater than what the bookmaker’s odds reflect. It means that you are making a bet which has a greater chance of winning.
  6. Not Using a Betting Strategy
    Sports betting requires a strategy to secure a win. You will learn the right markets and time and opt for a single bet or an accumulator. A good betting strategy is precious, and before rushing to place any wagers, you should take your time to develop your way of doing things.
  7. Not Cashing Out
    Try not to let greed get the better of you if you feel the team you have wagered on is not likely to score. You should not wait it out hoping to win and risk losing it all and should sensibly cash out and enjoy the game without any pressure.
  8. Not Keeping Records
    You should always keep track of the money that you deposit in your account, the amount of money you have lost or won, and the types of markets that you are prosperous and least successful in. This way, you can understand where you are standing and which direction you should be going with your betting.

Finding a reliable online betting site

You should do extensive research and read reviews from other people about the online betting site. Reputation and history of paying customers on time are essential. The betting site should have a license and regulation. The site should be easy to use, and the quality of customer service should be decent.


Betting is a game of chance. However, if you follow all the rules and regulations given above and learn which silly mistakes you should be wary of, your chances of winning will be higher.