O.J. Simpson Is a ‘Completely Free Man’ After Completing Parole Following 2008 Las Vegas Armed Robbery Conviction

Disgraced NFL great OJ Simpson is now a ‘completely free man’ after being granted an early discharge from parole by the Nevada Parole Board.

The 74-year-old former football hero and actor, and convicted Las Vegas armed robber was granted good behavior credits and discharged from parole effective December 1, Nevada State Police spokeswoman Kim Yoko Smith said Tuesday.

‘Mr Simpson is a completely free man now,’ said Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s lawyer in Las Vegas.

The acquitted murder suspect had been on parole since October 1, 2017, after serving nine years in prison for an armed robbery in Las Vegas in which he claimed he was trying to retrieve memorabilia taken from him after his infamous trial for the killings of wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman.

His parole term was set to end on February 9, 2022 but the Nevada Parole Board granted him an early discharge on November 30, a decision that was ratified on December 6.

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Source: Daily Mail