Amazon Web Services Is Down Again: Tech Giant’s Latest Cloud Outage Takes Out Netflix, Doordash, Hulu and Twitch for Millions Across Globe – the World Needs Bezos to Go Back and Take Over Amazon and Stop Flying to the Edge of Space

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was down for tens of thousands of users worldwide on Wednesday morning, which took down several popular websites including Netflix, Doordash and Hulu, marking the second time in a week the cloud hosting service has failed.

The Amazon-owned platform began experiencing problems around 10:24am ET, with users citing the website, hosting and server connection as all having issues. It returned to full service shortly after 12:20pm ET.

Only a few countries, including the US, China the UK and India, reported problems, which were less widespread than the prior outage.

On December 9, Amazon Web Services went down for seven hours and took several other websites with it that use the company’s cloud servers.

However, DownDetector, which monitors online outages, shows Doordash, Netflix, Hulu and Twitch experienced again as a result of Wednesday’s outage – and they all use Amazon Web Services to host their websites.

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Source: Daily Mail