Second University of Pennsylvania Female Swimmer Opposes ‘Lack of Fairness’ Due to Transgender Teammate: ‘This is Such a Cloud Over Everything’

The University of Pennsylvania’s transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is continuing to break female swim records during competitions despite rising tensions among teammates.

During a recent interview with sports media company, Outkick, a second female swimmer with UPenn shed light on why swimmers are “angry” over what has been perceived as “lack of fairness.”

Thomas, 22, recently set a new 500 freestyle Ivy League record. Next, the swimmer set the nation’s best time in 200 freestyle and then went on to set a pool record in the 1650-yard freestyle.

Thomas finished the race at 15:59.71 – more than 38 seconds ahead of her teammate Anna Kalandadze, who placed second.

UPenn swimmers have reportedly become agitated and emotional, knowing that Thomas was going to outpace them during the matches.

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Source: CBN