Hackers exploiting ‘fully weaponized’ software vulnerability

Chinese hackers are already exploiting a ‘fully weaponised’ software vulnerability which is causing mayhem on the web, with experts warning that it is the ‘most serious’ threat they have seen in decades.

The flaw was uncovered earlier this month in a piece of software called Log4j, which helps applications interact with one-another across computer networks.

By exploiting the flaw, dubbed Log4Shell, hackers can take control of servers which run the network and repurpose them for their own ends.

That could mean stealing data on those servers such as medical records and photos, plundering company databases for people’s bank details, or locking up servers and extorting firms in so-called ‘ransomware’ attacks.

And there is little that most ordinary users can do to stop this from happening, or any way to tell if data has been stolen in this way.

As one cybersecurity source who spoke to MailOnline put it: ‘This is where you put your faith in the lap of the computer Gods and hope it gets fixed soon.’

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Source: Daily Mail