Whyte House Family Novels Holiday Edition #61: I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas Chapter 4

Welcome to the Whyte House Family Spoken Novels podcast: Holiday Edition episode #61. Today we are reading chapter 4 of the book “I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas” by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte.


That same evening, Grant gave Cassandra a call on her cell phone. Natalie Nichols, who was in Cassandra’s bedroom when the phone rang, answered it immediately. “I can give her a message,” she told him.
“Well, I really wanted to talk with her about Grant Lee, and make plans as far as providing for him,” Grant said.
“I’ll give her the message but you don’t have to worry about providing for him. He’ll be well taken care of here with us. Goodbye. Oh, by the way, I don’t want you calling my daughter anymore either.” Natalie Nichols ended the call.
“What’s the message, mother?” Cassandra asked.
“Something about taking care of the baby,” her mother said. “If you ask me, it’s just a front he’s putting on to get a bunch of money from us.”
“Mother, I wish you would stop saying that. Grant is not like that at all. He genuinely cares for me and Grant Lee,” Cassandra said. “I’m calling him back.”
“I forbid you to,” her mother said, pocketing Cassandra’s phone.


“Benjamin,” Natalie said to her husband later that evening, “we have to stop that boy from calling here. I took Cassandra’s phone away. I might give it back to her after he leaves. He has called her six times in the past hour and a half.”
“Don’t worry about that. I plan on going down to his father’s restaurant on tomorrow to talk with him. The problem is these black men won’t train their sons,” Benjamin answered.
“Are you sure you want to go down there? That restaurant is on the bad side of town, full of hoodlums. I heard they will rob you during broad daylight and shoot you while you’re on your knees saying The Lord’s Prayer,” Natalie said. “You make sure you drive the oldest car down there.”
“I’ll be alright,” Benjamin said. “Nobody messes with the man of God.”


Benjamin was at the restaurant by nine the following morning. Even though it was another thirty minutes before they would begin serving customers, Joshua Barnett let him in.
“Good morning, Rev. Nichols. It’s good to see you again,” Joshua greeted. “Come on in. Can I get you something to drink? Coffee or tea, maybe?”
“No,” Benjamin answered. “I’m not here to stay. Neither am I here to eat. I just wanted to talk about your son and my daughter. My wife told me he keeps calling the house for her even though he has been instructed not to.”
“I don’t see anything wrong with a young father wanting to keep in touch with the mother of his child. That shows him to be a responsible man,” Joshua said.
“I don’t think you get it,” Benjamin said.
“What’s there to get?” Joshua asked. “My son and your daughter had a child together and he wants to be mature and do the right thing and take care of his child. What’s in that not to get? Now, I know this whole situation is messed up and I am not pleased with what my son has done with your daughter and I know you are not pleased either. But it was obviously a consensual relationship and it is what it is. And both of our families are going to have to deal with this unfortunate situation.”
“Your son is black; my daughter is white, and the two ain’t never to mix,” Benjamin said. “There ain’t never been any mixing in this town before and I don’t want any mixing to start now especially with my family and my precious daughter. Rev. Barnett, don’t you know this is going to hurt my church over at First Baptist and hurt my practice. Hell, once my deacons find out that my daughter got pregnant by a black boy, they may lynch me in the town square.”
Joshua chuckled. “Wait, let me call Grant in here. He’s the one you should be talking to.” He left and in a few minutes Joshua Barnett returned to his office with Grant. “Grant, you remember Mr. Nichols. He wants to talk with you — something about not calling his daughter anymore.”
“Good to meet you again, Mr. Nichols,” Grant said. “Like I tried telling your wife, I just want to spend as much time as I can with Cassandra and Grant Lee before I leave for college.”
“Well, boy, that’s my house and I don’t want you calling there; and that’s my daughter and I do not want you calling her. This is already a huge mess and it’s going to stop right here.”
“With all due respect, Mr. Nichols, Cassandra is a grown woman who is capable of making her own decisions,” Grant said.
“Rev. Nichols,” Rev. Barnett said, “if your daughter had gotten pregnant by a white young man, would you and your wife be as adamant about him having no contact with your daughter?”
That question left an icy silence in the room.
“Of…of course we would, but that’s not the issue here. I’m a pastor and from what I understand, you’re a pastor as well and right is right across the board. Cassandra and this boy here messed up real bad by getting together and then having a baby. What will our congregations think? They won’t have to think nothing if you keep your distance from us because we are more than willing to keep our distance from you. There isn’t any need to compound this problem here in, I remind you, Mason, Mississippi. Reverend, this is a bunch of bull-sheep.”
Rev. Barnett chuckled. “Bull-sheep! I have never heard that in my life.”
“That’s what I say when I’m trying to keep from cursing and when Christians — the Lord’s sheep — do really stupid things that cause serious problems,” said Rev. Nichols. “Your son not keeping his black sausage in his pants is gonna cause me a world of trouble for years to come as I try to explain to my parishioners and my patients where I got this black child from.”
“Wait a minute,” said Rev. Barnett. “I could say that we would not be in this mess if your daughter did not have jungle fever.”
“Wait a minute,” Grant said. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small black box. He opened it and took out a ring. “I don’t care about any of that,” he said. “I want to give this to Cassandra. I want to marry her.”
Rev. Nichols peered at the beautiful diamond ring which glittered in the morning sunlight streaming in through the window. Grant moved closer for Benjamin to get a better look. “I mean what I said. You won’t be marrying my daughter,” Benjamin said. Waving him away, he knocked the ring out of his hand. The ring rolled across the office floor. Grant bent down to try and find it.
“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry,” Benjamin repeated dryly, stepping aside as Grant looked all over the floor for the ring, but without success.
Benjamin fished around in his wallet and pulled out $200.00 cash. “Here you go, I’m sure this will cover whatever you spent on it, but there was no need for you to do so. Under no circumstances, will you ever marry my daughter. If you succeed in putting any ring on her finger it’ll be over my dead body. Understand?”
Grant looked at his dad, then at Benjamin Nichols and shook his head.
“Mr. Nichols,” he said, picking up the $200.00 off the desk, “that ring cost me almost $1500.00. This does not even come close to that. Here, keep your money. I don’t want it. You can’t pay me off like that.” He shoved the money into Benjamin Nichols’ hand and moved past him out the door.


“Grant, I commend you for keeping your cool with Mr. Nichols today,” Joshua told his son after they related the incident to his wife. “You have to practice self restraint with these white folks. Because if you had hit him like I knew you wanted to do and like I wanted to do, we would both be in jail right now, probably never to get out or never to be seen again. You just have to calmly state your point in a respectful manner, but always maintain a cool and calm demeanor. The oldest trick in the book that white folks play on black men is to get them angry and frustrated. And you don’t want to be branded as an angry black man in this town or anywhere for that matter.”
“No, you don’t,” his mother agreed.

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2. Accept the fact that there is a penalty for sin. The Bible states in Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death…”

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4. Accept the fact that you cannot do anything to save yourself! The Bible states in Ephesians 2: 8, 9: “For by grace are ye saved through faith: and that not of yourselves: it is a gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

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